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Cosmos II X-Dock

Cosmos II X-Dock

3 Stars

Product Description

Application   Cosmos II


Complete Cosmos II X-Dock Caddy

Including Cables

Keys Not Included


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  1. Nice hardware but NO KEYS INCLUDED! 2 Star Review

    (Submitted on 5th Apr 2016)

    I recently inherited a very nice PC from my son, as he built another with state of the art components. His previous PC is in the Cosmos II case, which is very well constructed, with ample room for pretty much anything imaginable in a PC build. It has an X-Dock, but the locks on it are locked, and he had misplaced the keys during a major move to another state. So I ordered a replacement X-Dock, for which this review is written, expressly to have one with a set of keys. Unfortunately, I did not notice the keys are only included with the Accessory Kit, as that was not of interest to me while looking up and ordering the X-Dock.

    It is quite logical to think any item that is sold with locks built in would include the keys to those locks, isn't it??? But no, they do not send you any keys with the X-Dock. At least the new X-Dock was unlocked, so it is usable.

    This means that when the Accessory Kit is no longer available as this case gets older, but the supply of X-Docks is still available, no keys for them will remain available. They really should move the keys to being included with what the keys actually open!!

    Luckily for me, the Accessory Kit is still in stock, so I have ordered that to get some keys.

    As well thought out and well built as Coolermaster products are, I find this to be pretty silly. Thus the 2 star review.

    I see in another review someone wanted to use 2 of these in a Cosmos II case. I had the same intention. But the X-Dock is not the same height as the remaining 2 front drive bay covers. Making the X-Dock match the bay slots in size would have made for the ability to use more than one X-Dock. I don't see any way to do it.

  2. Replacement parts need better service considderation 2 Star Review

    (Submitted on 25th Apr 2015)

    I purchased this part after having one of the front doors break on me.

    The price of the part was great.
    The time it took to ship and arrive was reasonable (maybe a little slow).

    Although the enclosure functions I have some concerns with the shipping / packaging.

    Although the part arrived undamaged the item was in a box without sufficient packing to keep the item from rattling around or to keep the box from being slightly crushed. It was by luck that the part was not damaged.

    After opening the package there were no mounting screws. Considering that this was a replacement it could be assumes that I had the screws which fortunately I did.

    Finally this is a Drive Enclosure that has locks on the doors. The part was delivered with the doors locked (likely to keep them from coming open by accident) but there was no Key to unlock the doors included in the package.
    After much rumbaing around I was able to find a key that worked to unlock the doors!

    Overall the replacement works as expected but I would hope that Cooler Master would put more effort and thought into their replacement parts service.

  3. X-Dock 5 Star Review

    (Submitted on 18th Jul 2013)

    Since the Cosmos II already has one x-dock already installed I've decided to install yet another one. I love the ability to add or remove hard drives without having to open up my case all the time. This is a perfect and cheap solution to this issue.


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